Have Your Say!

The new survey for those of us who live in Newcourt is now ready and waiting for you to have your say. The more the Trustees of the Newcourt Community Association (NCA) know your views about our community, the better they can represent those views to the people who make decisions. A great example of that is the more than 500 people who have signed the petition concerning the safety of the Omaha Drive/River Plate Road junction. It makes our representations to the Devon County Council much stronger. A huge thank you to those who signed. So, please take a few moments to fill in the survey.

There's another reason for filling it too. In a new and growing development like Newcourt, with its many parts and diverse population, it's difficult to gather views and ideas when there is no real centre to the community. As the School grows, so more opportunities will come for informal exchanges at the school gates, and that will be great. But, if Newcourt is to be more than just a collection of houses and flats, then we need to know what kind of community we would like to be. The NCA trustees do not have special powers and knowledge: only a willingness to work hard to help create the kind of community you want. By filling in the survey you can make your voice and ideas count too.

The survey won't take long to complete and, whatever you say, we will keep your views confidential. We hope to make the results of the survey know early in the New Year.

Thanks ever so much for taking part.